Windows 10 Sun Valley OS Revamped

Later on this year, Windows 10 will get a slight face lift. Codenamed Sun Valley, this update will give users a new look and simplicity to its user interface.

The new experience will change the start menu and the taskbar, along with voice-typing. There will also be a handful of animations, including ones to the launching of Windows 10. And according to WindowsLatest, these animations can be disabled.

Source: Windows Central

“In addition to faster and smoother animations, Windows 10 Sun Valley update will bring back some of Windows 7’s design features (transparency and rounded corners), while focusing on UI consistency and simplicity.”

Source: WindowsLatest

This update is currently in the works and should be out by the second half of this year. Hopefully it will give a more consistent, smooth, simpler way for users who are working remotely to utilize Windows 10.

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