What is BSOD?

BSOD, short for Blue Screen Of Death, is an error known for its blue background screen. The message that comes with it normally begins with “Your PC ran into a problem…”.

This error seems to pop up at the worst time possible, stopping any user in their tracks.

Sometimes, a blue screen error is not a huge deal and requires only minimal effort to remedy it. Over time, however, blue screen error messages can end up producing problems with the OS and the hard drive. 

Did you know? When your computer experiences a critical error, your system shuts down as a preventative measure to avoid further damage to your computer!

In some cases the BSOD serves as an indicator of a very serious fundamental issue. If users encounter multiple BSOD errors, it could mean more serious problems. This can cause major damage to your system.

Here is a list of some potential underlying causes of a BSOD:
  • Insufficient RAM or disk space
  • Physical hardware damage such as a faulty power supply or faulty RAM, malfunctioning hardware
  • Computer components overheating
  • Application installations, hardware upgrades, system updates, software errors
  • Malware and computer viruses

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