Hard Drive Data Recovery Repair

Data Recovery can be frustrating to those who aren’t fully knowledgeable of its process. Usually, it’s the operating system that ceases up, but sometimes the hard drive fails, causing a handful of additional issues.

What issues?

When a hard drive fails, the first thing you may notice is that your computer won’t boot up. There may be a message that states the PC doesn’t have a hard drive. If it does boot up, odd noises may be heard coming from the computer or it will malfunction numerous times during usage.

It’s best if the moment your computer begins acting up, to shut it down completely. This will potentially avoid further damage, which will in turn cost you less if taken to a computer repair service.

How to check if it’s a hard drive failure

It is entirely possible that your hard drive may not be failing, but instead other issues are ensuing.

HowToGeek shares a plethora of ideas as to check to see if it’s actually hard drive related. Here are a couple ways:

“if your computer doesn’t detect the drive during the boot-up process, you should open its case and check the cables that connect the hard drive to the motherboard and power supply. Unplug the cables and plug them back in, ensuring you have a solid connection. Your hard drive may just have a cable that’s come loose.”

“You can also go into your computer’s BIOS or UEFI firmware screen and see if the drive is detected by your computer. If your computer sees the drive and just can’t boot from it, that’s a sign the drive may be broken (or that there’s a software problem). If your computer doesn’t see the drive, it may be unplugged from something—or it may have failed so badly that it can’t be detected.”

It’s also stated that if your computer is making weird sounds, it’s highly likely that it’s a hard drive crash.

What to do about it

It may sound quite complicated and overwhelming to handle a failure like this one. We can help get your computer up and running in no time. In addition, data recovery is part of our expertise. If you have any questions, give us a call at (480) 666-5832Gilbert Computer Repair Service has been providing mobile computer repair in Gilbert, AZ and to the greater Phoenix Metro Area since 1999.