Why Updating Apps Should Be a Priority

Updating applications and operating systems can sometimes be an annoyance. They come in ways of patches, optional, and major updates.

But updating your apps should be a priority, and here’s why:

Keeping your PC or mobile devices’ operating systems, browsers, and other apps up to date lowers the risk of security vulnerabilities. Leaving them without being updated can cause significant problems, allowing hackers access to personal information or sending malware.

Just recently, CISA warned of a security issue with Google Chrome and urged the browser users to update it immediately. Forbes stated, “The bad news is that attackers already know precisely what the vulnerabilities are and how to exploit them. CISA has confirmed that the security vulnerabilities have been “detected in exploits in the wild.”

Unsurprisingly, CISA is encouraging users to apply the necessary updates that Google has been rolling out this past week, as soon as possible.”

While some forms of malware can be benign, others (like the one above) can cause incredible damage. And no one wants to deal with that. So keep all of your applications and operating systems up to date to avoid problems.

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